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Chipotle Black-Eyed Peas

This was a quick and easy Saturday lunch I cooked in half an hour. I’ve blogged about chipotle black-eyed peas before, but this time the dish was a lot simpler and not a bit less yummy! I don’t know if canned whole chipotles are available in Finland – we’re lucky to get them from a […]

Tomato and Potato Pizzas with a Spelty Crust

We baked these pizzas in celebration of snow that finally came to Helsinki on Tuesday – it had been raining water since before Christmas. Watching the snow flakes fall from the sky while devouring a homemade pizza and a bottle of German beer, all in the warmth of our home, is just about as good […]

Chipotle Seitan and Bean Chili

This was a tasty dinner; crumbled seitan and mixed beans in a smokey chipotle tomato stew, wrapped in a soft corn tortilla along with garlicky cumin soy yogurt sauce and cubed cucumber. It’s pretty hard to find smoked chipotle chilis in Helsinki, in fact I’ve never seen them, so I just used a cheap Pirkka-brand […]

Tofu Balls with Spaghetti

The recipe was adapted from Tofu Balls in the Post Punk Kitchen forum.   Here’s what we used for the balls:   500 g regular firm tofu ½ dl ground fried onion (or one fried onion) 2 cloves gralic, pressed 3 tablespoons soy sauce ¾ dl roasted peanuts, finely ground 1 dl potato flakes (powder […]