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Tofu “Cheese”

This tofu “cheese” has a consistency resembling cottage cheese, or a little like feta cheese, and is really tasty. It doesn’t taste like cheese, however, which for me is a good thing: I outgrew my cheese addiction about 7 years ago – it took a few vegan years to combat my cravings. Tofu marinated this […]

Sunflower Seed Garlic Spread

Last week I found a post by Mihl from Seitan is my motor through Vegalicious. Mihl had developed a recipe for sunflower seed spread, and reading about it, I instantly got a feeling that this would be a new favorite at our house. First batch I made was the plain version that Mihl posted, only […]

Tomato Tapenade

On Friday, we invited some friends over before a night out. I made us three spreads to have with fresh baguette and crackers, over a glass of wine or some beer. This first one was made with sun dried tomatos, the second with fava beans, and the third with olives. I love how easy these […]

Fava Bean Dip

Fava beans, also known as broad beans, are very delicious, but there’s one problem: they have thick skin, and every bean needs to be peeled separately. Especially dried fava beans are a little difficult to work with. I was very happily surprised when we found dried split fava beans at a local shop, Al Marwan. […]

Black Bean Spread

This is an easy spread that has a lot of flavor. We have it for breakfast on bread, topped with cucumber, lettuce, or red bell pepper. What I used for the spread: 380 g or 1 pack of black beans in brine, rinsed (about 3 dl cooked beans) 100 g cashew nuts 1/2 dl water […]