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Palak Tofu

Palak is an Indian spinach dish that everyone knows from Palak Paneer, in which it is served with Indian cheese. I do not think that I ever tasted that dish before going vegan, but I’ve witnessed friends devour it in restaurants numerous times, and have become curious. Palak is delicious on its own, but tofu […]


We made these pastries for a Christmas party we went to on Saturday, and everyone liked them. Filo (also fillo or phyllo) pastry is crispy and delicate, and the spinach-tofu filling was nice and spicy. An easier way out is to bake one big spanakopita in a baking dish, but triangles are better for parties. […]

Curry with Black Urid Dal, Spinach, and Potato

Dal means split beans. There are many different varieties in Asian stores, and they are great because they don’t require soaking like whole beans do. This was a very delicious curry we served in its own the first day, and over rice the next day. I added some margarine before serving to mimic that taste […]