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Sherry Onion Sauce

This was a simple sauce I made to go with the wonderful Black Eyed Pea Cutlets, served with pan fried potatoes. Thanks to cashew nuts, the texture is smooth and really creamy, and this is a good all-purpose gravy that would go with just about anything, I imagine. Here’s what I used for the sauce: […]

Twice-Seasoned Soy Strips

This is the latest attempt of my ongoing mission to master the seasoning of textured soy protein (TSP). Usually I’m lazy and just boil the TSP chunks in a broth made from vegetable stock cubes, but this time I tried something fancier. We thought that the result was really good. For the soy strips: 100 […]

Stewed Green Lentils

Green lentils have an appealing shape, each one so perfectly round and flat. I thought of France while cooking these lentils, but can’t remember ever eating lentils there – mine probably aren’t even remotely French, but they are delicious. Green lentils keep their shape when cooked, but don’t need soaking, which is great since I […]

Mock Duck in Black Bean and Chili Sauce

This is a basic recipe for a tasty Chinese stir-fry I made for a quick lunch yesterday. We had a can of mock duck form our Asian market, and I wanted to use it up finally, so I tweaked Bryanna Clark Grogan’s mock duck recipes a little bit. Canned mock duck is not our favorite […]