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Meatless Loaf

This soy and cashew loaf has many specialty ingredients in it, but I’m pretty sure that the recipe can be tweaked according to what’s on hand and it’ll be just as good. We both really enjoyed the texture that this loaf got from the chewy soy protein bits and the creamy cashews. I think this […]

Seitan Roast

This was our vegan take on the traditional Finnish Christmas ham, although its similarities to a ham are very minor. We coated our roast with Dijon mustard that’s seasoned with garlic and red bell pepper – I am not a great mustard lover, but that particular mustard is delicious. We used pink peppercorns for decoration […]

Black Eyed Pea and Tofu Cutlets

These vegan cutlets were mainly inspired by the Chickpea Cutlets from the Veganomicon cookbook. We made those cutlets a few weeks ago and they were really good. I liked the idea of mixing beans and gluten flour, since gluten can be too glutinous on its own, and the cutlets were really easy to prepare. Another […]

Seitan Log

Following in the footsteps of Susan’s veggeroni, and a number of other similar recipes I’ve seen floating around the Internet, this is my own version of oven baked gluten. This makes a dense, sort of dry salami-like wheat gluten log, ideal for crumbling for further use. This seitan has some tiny air bubbles in it, […]