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Glögi – Spiced Drink for December

Glögi is the Finnish equivalent of mulled wine, and before Christmas its readymade incarnations start to appear in the stores – some with alcohol, but most without. I find them usually way too sugary, and that’s why I always thought that I just don’t care for the drink that much. It wasn’t until this weekend […]

Hot Cocoa with Mint

This isn’t exactly a drink that needs a recipe to succeed, but I just thought I’d share this in case anyone hasn’t thought of adding peppermint extract in their cup of hot cocoa. It’s delicious, and a perfect treat for the darkening nights! Actually there is another little secret to the greatness of this cocoa: […]

Orange Ginger Spice Drink

I’ve been having a spring flu lately, and this drink is what is starting to make me feel better. Heikki says that if I believe it cures me, it will, and I am a firm believer in ginger tea – I drink it when I feel down or have a back ache or feel that […]

Hot Soy Milk with Chai Spices

I made this drink to myself one morning, with the intention of adding black tea and turn it into chai, but it was so good on its own that I just eliminated the tea part. I am not a breakfast person, and this subtly spiced and lightly sweet drink wakes me up when I don’t […]