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Potatoes Mashed in Coconut Milk

We love mashed potatoes. We also had some leftover coconut milk from curry roasted tofu and vegetables, and these two facts put together resulted in coconut mashed potatoes. Google told me that in Hawaii, sweet potatoes are often mashed in coconut milk. Here, the coconut flavor hides in the background, but still gives a nice […]

Curry Roasted Tofu and Vegetables

An easy and satisfying lunch, preparing this dish takes only 10 minutes, and roasting about 40 minutes. I mostly work at home, and this is a great way of preparing a meal and getting other things done while it’s cooking. Marinating the tofu would be a good idea, since now it only had a mild […]

Distantly Thai Soup

We just had this easy soup for lunch today. I have made it for many years, and the only recent additions are lemon grass and raw cabbage. Lemon grass can be left out, but it does compliment the flavors of this soup. Here’s what we put in the soup: 4 large potatoes (almost the size […]