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Glögi – Spiced Drink for December

Glögi is the Finnish equivalent of mulled wine, and before Christmas its readymade incarnations start to appear in the stores – some with alcohol, but most without. I find them usually way too sugary, and that’s why I always thought that I just don’t care for the drink that much. It wasn’t until this weekend […]

Christmas Date Cake

This cake was our dessert on Christmas eve, along with a refreshing citrus fuit salad. The fragrance that came from the oven during baking was intoxicating, and the cake itself didn’t let us down; it was sweet and moist and delicious, with just enough spice and a decadent accent of cognac from the icing. We […]

Cuban Black Bean Soup

When me and Heikki were travelling in Cuba, black bean soup was one of our favorite vegan foods. Staying at casas particulares, renting extra rooms from people’s homes, we had the advantage of sampling Cuban home cooking the vegan way. We could always explain what vegan food was, and could be sure that our beans […]

Seitan Roast

This was our vegan take on the traditional Finnish Christmas ham, although its similarities to a ham are very minor. We coated our roast with Dijon mustard that’s seasoned with garlic and red bell pepper – I am not a great mustard lover, but that particular mustard is delicious. We used pink peppercorns for decoration […]

Tofu in a Jar

This is a simple tofu marinade we used as a base for our Christmas Roast. After making the roast, we fried the rest of the tofu in some olive oil, and had it on sandwiches. Here’s what we used: 500 g firm tofu 4 cloves of garlic 3 and ½ dl vegetable stock 1 and […]