Mocha Fudge

This is a great recipe I snatched from Celine’s inspired blog Have cake, will travel. The original recipe makes use of whiskey, but we didn’t have that, so I used coffee liqueur and soy milk instead. This isn’t a toffee-like fudge, but the consistency is more like a chocolate truffle – and since no boiling is required, it’s very little work for such delicious results.


We had some 99 % chocolate that needed using up, so I added that in with the regular semi dark variety. I also used an ice cube tray as a candy mold for half of the fudge, and followed Celine’s instructions with the rest. Both shapes were excellent and gone in no time!

My ingredients:

  • 3 tablespoons soy milk
  • 3 tablespoons coffee liqueur
  • 170 g semi dark chocolate
  • 30 g very dark chocolate (99%)
  • 3 dl icing sugar
  • 1 dl cashew nuts, toasted & chopped
  • 1 dl hazelnuts, toasted & chopped
  • (canola oil for brushing the mold)

Making the fudge is as easy as it gets: I just melted the chocolate, let it cool down for a bit, mixed the other ingredients in a bowl, and added the chocolate to the mix.

I brushed an ice cube tray with a little canola oil, filled the compartments with the fudge mixture, and covered with plastic film. The rest of the mixture I just poured in a rectangular dish covered with baking parchment, and then covered the fudge with another piece of baking parchment to level as per Celine’s instructions. Then I let the fudge set in the fridge for about 2 hours.

I removed the rectangular fudge from the dish, peeled the parchment paper, and simply cut it in pieces with a sharp knife.


To release the fudge cubes from the tray, I placed a cutting board over the tray, turned it upside down, and kept it under running hot water for a few seconds. Then I removed the cutting board, and tapped on the ice cube tray to release the fudge.

I stored the fudge in airtight containers in the fridge while it lasted.