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Rye Lingonberry Whip

I love this dessert – it is a breeze to make, and its flavor has the perfect combination of tart and sweet with a little bit of nutty rye and some vanilla thrown in. Probably even better than the other trad Finnish dessert, whipped semolina-lingonberry porridge, and definitely quicker to make. We get lingonberries from […]

Raspberry Tartlets

We got to pick a few containers of fresh raspberries last Sunday, and I wanted to bake something pretty with them. I decided to use up our stock of hazelnuts for the crust, and whipped up a light mousse filling with soy yogurt and agar agar powder. Delicious and relatively easy to make, these were […]

Rum Chocolate Cookies

These were some yummy cookies, and thanks to the flaxseed they keep together well and don’t crumble into a tea cup when dipped. Muscovado sugar gives them a nice brown color, and combines well with the rum and chocolate aromas. These took less than half an hour to make, and I think 20 cookies is […]