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Kering Tempe

I still remember my first time eating tempeh. Ten years ago I was in Yogyakarta, in a small family restaurant with a friend of mine. We had heard of tempeh, and when the waitress told us it was available, we jumped at the chance of trying some. I immediately fell in love with its complex […]

Tempeh Wonton Soup

In celebration of making wontons for the first time, we finally cooked our own veggie broth as well, and this soup came out just wonderfully – the gentle broth complimented the spicy salty wontons, and the sweet new crop cabbage added a nice crunch. With store-bought wonton wrappers, these Chinese dumplings are pretty easy to […]

Marinated Tempeh

I fried this tempeh for lunch one day, and didn’t have time to marinate it more than an hour. It was very delicious, which made me realize that tempeh absorbs flavors even more readily than tofu does! Actually, the marinade I used is pretty close to the one we often use for tofu, but I […]

Juicy Baked Tempeh

We had a triangular-themed dinner on Monday; these tempeh triangles were served with triangular carrots, and the accompanying black bean salad was surrounded by cucumber triangles. The tempeh was first cooked, then marinated, and finally baked in a hot oven, and it ended up being very juicy and delicious. Heikki has successfully taught me to […]