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Farinata is one of the must-try dishes I’ve had in mind for a long time. I saw it for the first time in some French or Italian movie, and was intrigued: I hadn’t realized that chick pea flour was used in traditional Southern European cooking. The southeastern French and the northern Italians apparently both have […]

Lentil and Eggplant Pasta with Rosemary

This is just a simple and quick lunch pasta I whipped up, but it came out surprisingly nicely for two reasons I suppose. Firstly, I cut the eggplant in small cubes and fried it until very brown and soft, which added a lot of flavor, and a lovely texture contrast to the lentils. Secondly, I […]

Oat Herb Crackers

The cracker madness doesn’t seem to come to an end, so I may as well post another recipe. These are the crunchiest, crispiest crackers I’ve managed to produce so far, and their secret ingredient is quite surprising: finely ground rolled oats! I added a few dried herbs for a new flavor, but the texture is […]

Green Peppercorn and Rosemary Loaf

This bread was extremely yummy and oh so easy to make! All my thanks go to Celine from have cake will travel, since I adapted this recipe from her Whole Wheat Germ Bread. We don’t have white whole wheat flour in Finland, so I just combined a little regular white flour with a larger amount […]

Tofu and Sundried Tomato Stew

This was an easy weekday recipe, and very much packed with flavor – thanks to the lovely sun dried tomatoes that flew to us straight from Rome! Lately I’ve realized how much more flavor stays in dried tomatoes when they aren’t preserved in oil, and it doesn’t take that long to rehydrate them either. We […]