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Chocolate Red Wine Cookies

Last week I got this idea of combining chocolate and red wine in baking, and doing so in the cookie form seemed like a good challenge. Since there’s not much liquid in a cookie dough, I decided to cook the wine into a syrup, and it worked wonderfully – the cookies went to the oven […]

Three-Pepper Tofu

We eat lots of tofu, but most of the times it’s just too everyday to blog about. This marinade was one of the best we’ve ever tried, and it worked well on three days in a row – by the first meal, the tofu had marinated for only two hours, but the flavor was already […]

Triangular Carrots in Red Wine

This is a tasty side dish, and the last one of our triangular recipes. Just in case someone feels like eating triangles, I drew a tutorial on how to cut cylindrical vegetables in triangular shapes. I hadn’t thought of it before, and in our kitchen carrots usually end up cut in circles or matchsticks – […]