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Cabbage Pie

This was such a nice pie: creamy, tangy filling in a crunchy whole wheat crust. I tried to recreate something a little bit Easter European with the dill and the cabbage and a pile of onions, seasoned with allspice and parsley. With a side of mixed salad this pie made perfect dinner for the two […]

Boozy Chocolate Pie

This pie was very easy to make, and quite delicious as well. I found the original filling recipe through Eric at VeganGrub, and my only additions were a little bit of Grand Marnier, some salt to make the chocolate flavor shine, and a little bit more agave syrup than Eric used. Heikki thought that the […]

Creamy Lime Pie

I’ve made my version of the Key lime pie several times and it has always been a success: it’s quite easy to make, and the silky soy whip filling is just heavenly. This recipe is just one of many versions – I’ve used soy cream cheese instead of the soy whip and added more yogurt, […]

Raspberry Chocolate Pie

We love the combination of raspberries and dark chocolate, there’s something about the tart berries and bitter cocoa flavor that makes them a perfect match. The construction of this pie is quite like my mocha pie, but this is as delicious straight out of the oven as it is after chilling. Served warm with a […]

Mango Pie

This gentle custard filling would have been even better made with fresh mango fruit, but since those aren’t a staple around here, I resorted to the puréed variety from our Asian grocery. The color isn’t as vibrant as the real deal, but most of the mango taste is still there! We both loved the texture […]