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Cracker Addiction

I’ve been seeing salty cracker recipes here and there and they have accumulatively fed my cracker cravings. This week I finally started to bake my own, and how yummy they are! Now I am completely hooked – the triangular shape is just perfect for scooping up baba ghannouj, tsatsiki, or hummus, and these are nice […]

Potato Salad

This potato salad derives from a family recipe I’ve learnt from my step-mom. The original version is just as vegan as this, but I added some chick peas this time to make it a little heartier, and the dressing of course is my own making. The basic concept is the perfect union between capers, Russian […]

Vegan Stroganoff

This is a Russian dish that’s usually made with meat or sausages. We had Wheaty’s spicy seitan Frankenberger sausages, but I’ve made this with fried tofu before. Heikki said that the Wheaty sausages were a bit too dominant in this dish, and I kind of agree – tofu allows for other flavors to stand out […]