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Potatoes Mashed in Coconut Milk

We love mashed potatoes. We also had some leftover coconut milk from curry roasted tofu and vegetables, and these two facts put together resulted in coconut mashed potatoes. Google told me that in Hawaii, sweet potatoes are often mashed in coconut milk. Here, the coconut flavor hides in the background, but still gives a nice […]

Gratinated Tofu with the Taste of the Sea

Sara from Sweden invented this veganized version of a traditional fish recipe we found at her blog Veganvrak, and we just had to cook our version of it right away. Both Heikki and me thought that it was delicious. The flavors are similar to Finnish way of cooking fish, and we were both amazed how […]

Mashed Potatoes and Beetroots

It might seem that all we have eaten lately is beets and arugula. Partly true, and here is another variation of the perfect combination of potatoes and beets. Here’s something we had on Saturday, and will have in the future since we still have a bunch of beets in the fridge. There’s some fresh arugula […]