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Rye Lingonberry Whip

I love this dessert – it is a breeze to make, and its flavor has the perfect combination of tart and sweet with a little bit of nutty rye and some vanilla thrown in. Probably even better than the other trad Finnish dessert, whipped semolina-lingonberry porridge, and definitely quicker to make. We get lingonberries from […]

Finnish Delights: Berry and Fruit Marmalade Confections

Marmalade confections are very popular in Finland around Christmas, and they’re naturally vegan – what could beat that as Christmas gifts for friends and family. My family isn’t religious at all, but Christmas is my favorite holiday, traditionally celebrated in Finland at the time of year when the darkest day of the year had passed. […]

Lingonberry Cardamom Piecake

This is an adaptation of the Peach Upside-Down Cake from FatFree Vegan Kitchen. I didn’t use peaches, and didn’t bake it upside-down, but the batter recipe ended up pretty similar to Susan’s batter. I baked this in a pie dish, so it looks more like a pie than a cake, I think. Here’s what I […]

Spelt Berry Muffins

I received a bowl of lingonberries from a friend yesterday, and decided to bake a batch of muffins with our evening tea. Heikki had been working the whole day, and really needed a break. This was my first time experimenting with organic spelt flour from a local farmer, and the muffins turned out very moist […]