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Baked Beet Chips with Horseradish Dip

I love thin and crispy chips – potato, corn, or apple, they’re sure to disappear in no time at our house. I don’t like deep-frying things because it’s just a little bit scary, but I baked these beetroot chips in the oven. They came out very crispy indeed, and the earthy flavor of beets paired […]

Puréed Beet-Horseradish Soup

This is a perfect autumn soup. The intense color and the simple, earthy flavor of this soup made us feel all happy inside. What we put in the soup: about 10 smallish potatoes about 8 smallish beets 1 onion 4 cloves garlic 1-2 teaspoons horseradish paste (or freshly grated horseradish, maybe a little bit less) […]