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Tosca Cupcakes

I wanted tosca cake and Heikki wanted cupcakes, and thus the tosca cupcakes were created. I seasoned the cake part with cardamom, and it came out quite light and moist in texture, contrasting nicely with the crunchy almond topping. The humble appearances of these cakes are deceiving, since they do taste divine! I made this […]

Kiwi Fruit Cupcakes

A happy coincidence: I needed something productive to do, and we had two perfectly ripened organic kiwi fruits. I used all kinds of green things in these cupcakes; an apple, melon seeds, kiwi fruits, and green food coloring for the icing (had we had frozen parsley, I would have squeezed out its juice to be […]

Triple Cashew Cupcakes

Cashews in the batter, creamy cashew frosting, topped with caramelized cashews: these cupcakes are a celebration of our favorite nut. We made these for Heikki’s dad on the Father’s day. These are cupcakes for fathers, not sons, and are probably more devoured by adults than kids. We’ve learnt that both Heikki’s nephew and my niece […]

Parties and Cupcakes

Here are a few pictures of cupcakes I’ve made recently. Recipes are from Vegan Cupcakes Take over the World by Isa Chandra Moskowitz, with minor modifications. The first two I made last week for a friend, who celebrated her birthday and other nice things that have happened in her life lately. Here are the raspberry […]