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Twice-Seasoned Soy Strips

This is the latest attempt of my ongoing mission to master the seasoning of textured soy protein (TSP). Usually I’m lazy and just boil the TSP chunks in a broth made from vegetable stock cubes, but this time I tried something fancier. We thought that the result was really good. For the soy strips: 100 […]

Yellow Sunday Soup

This was an easy Sunday lunch. With the addition of leftover tofu this makes a filling meal, and even more so when served with rye bread. Main flavor comes from tarragon and pink pepper, which both have a mild and sweet taste, nicely contrasted with a little splash of lemon juice. 4 carrots, peeled, and […]

Chocolate Raspberry Layered Birthday Cake

This is a cake we made with Heikki for our friend Taina’s birthday party this weekend. It was a bit time consuming, and we actually made the raspberry mousse and baked the cake a day before, and just frosted and assembled the cake on Friday. Now that I think of it, an easier way out […]

Gratinated Tofu with the Taste of the Sea

Sara from Sweden invented this veganized version of a traditional fish recipe we found at her blog Veganvrak, and we just had to cook our version of it right away. Both Heikki and me thought that it was delicious. The flavors are similar to Finnish way of cooking fish, and we were both amazed how […]

Mock Duck in Black Bean and Chili Sauce

This is a basic recipe for a tasty Chinese stir-fry I made for a quick lunch yesterday. We had a can of mock duck form our Asian market, and I wanted to use it up finally, so I tweaked Bryanna Clark Grogan’s mock duck recipes a little bit. Canned mock duck is not our favorite […]