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Coco Rosie Cookies

I named these cookies after a band, but there’s also a whole history of trial and error behind the recipe. I have been making rosewater cookies for many weeks, using different flours: almond meal, spelt flour, whole wheat flour, and oat flour, among others. This last batch was definitely best of all I’ve baked so […]

Caramelized Oat Biscuits

These thin caramelized oat biscuits are often the first baking project Finnish kids learn – they’re so easy to make and the results are delicious. The two tricks are to leave enough room around the dollops of batter before baking, since they spread out a lot, and not overbaking them, since they burn very quickly. […]

Rum Chocolate Cookies

These were some yummy cookies, and thanks to the flaxseed they keep together well and don’t crumble into a tea cup when dipped. Muscovado sugar gives them a nice brown color, and combines well with the rum and chocolate aromas. These took less than half an hour to make, and I think 20 cookies is […]

Hazelnut Pinwheel Cookies

I wanted to make this dough into spritz cookies, but unfortunately my cookie press broke in the process and wouldn’t press cookies any more. So I made pinwheels instead! These cookies are imbued with a sweet and mellow hazelnut flavor – I added a little bit of cocoa powder just for the color effect. The […]

Spelt-Oat Cookies with Chocolates and Cranberries

I made these cookies as a present for my mom, who had the opening for her art exhibit on Tuesday. I wanted her to have more than one flavor, so I divided the dough in three before adding dark and white chocolates and cranberries. Although these cookies might not be the ultimate decadence in cookie […]