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Cocoa Granola with Soy Flakes

There’s been a bag of soy flakes in our cupboard for a while now waiting for us to find a good use for them. The package says they can be consumed as is, but they are really pretty bland in flavor. As it happens I’ve been meaning to make granola so this seemed like a […]

Cherry and Ginger Spelt Muffins

We usually don’t eat sweet things in the morning, but we did have these muffins for breakfast with a little vegan margarine and they were wonderful. They’re not too sweet, and there’s a nice gentle ginger flavor hiding in the background. Our cherries came from a jar, since fresh ones aren’t yet available around here, […]


There are various vegan omelette recipes around the internet, and we’ve tried a few of them – Susan’s version for example, which we liked as much as to make it several times. Sometimes the recipes call for chick pea flour (also known as gram), like this Indian style vegan omelette, but almost always the main […]

Apple Spelt Pancakes

We buy organic spelt flour form a local farm, and I’ve been experimenting with it lately, adding it to all kinds of baked goods. Spelt flour has a lot of flavor and a great texture, and I think it should be much more widely used than it currently is. I used only spelt four in […]

Plum Peanut Muffins

I baked these for breakfast on Saturday, after a night out, when Heikki was still sleeping. I messed up a few things, used wrong measuring cups and such, but the end result was great anyway. While the muffins were baking, I stared in the oven, thinking about how lucky I am to have someone to […]