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Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Basil

Sweet potatoes are something we didn’t use very much in our cooking before. Maybe it’s because we generally prefer locally grown root vegetables, and sweet potatoes are usually shipped in from China, USA, or Israel. But yep, sometimes we treat ourselves with a few of these yummy things, and this mash really is a perfect […]

Lime Risoni with Fried Tofu and Basil

This dish consisted of the ingredients I was able to find in our kitchen when I needed to make a quick lunch for myself. I thought about spaghetti, but there was none left, so I opted for risoni (orzo) instead. No canned beans, so tofu it was, and I was lucky enough to find a […]

Walnut Tomato Spelt Bread

This recipe is a variation on my recipe for Olive Tomato Bread, I just made a few alterations to the ingredients. I love this bread – it’s very satisfying and packed with flavor. Spelt flour and walnuts gave the bread a very nice texture, and I developed a topping that really makes sunflower seeds stick […]

Tofu in a Jar

This is a simple tofu marinade we used as a base for our Christmas Roast. After making the roast, we fried the rest of the tofu in some olive oil, and had it on sandwiches. Here’s what we used: 500 g firm tofu 4 cloves of garlic 3 and ½ dl vegetable stock 1 and […]

Black Eyed Pea and Tofu Cutlets

These vegan cutlets were mainly inspired by the Chickpea Cutlets from the Veganomicon cookbook. We made those cutlets a few weeks ago and they were really good. I liked the idea of mixing beans and gluten flour, since gluten can be too glutinous on its own, and the cutlets were really easy to prepare. Another […]