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Herbed Tofu Salad with New Cabbage

We’ve been eating a lot of cabbage all through the winter, and the arrival of Hungarian new crop cabbage has been a real celebration for us. It’s so soft and green and sweet, perfect to be used in stir-fries and salads of any kind – an indulgence while we wait for the local cabbage crop. […]

Two-Colored Bread

I haven’t baked bread for a long while, and I’ve never baked a two-colored bread. After baking, the colors weren’t as bright as I had hoped they would be, but the bread was tasty. Grated beets would maybe result in a brighter purple color, and spinach is probably greener than arugula. This amount of dough […]

Arugula Yogurt Dip

This is a green dip we had as a Friday night snack with some carrots, rutabaga (Swedish turnip), and corn chips. Arugula dip is great with any kind of chips and veggies, and we also serve this as a sauce with potatoes, or in a bun with a veggie burger. Ingredients: 1,5 dl plain (Alpro) […]

Mashed Potatoes and Beetroots

It might seem that all we have eaten lately is beets and arugula. Partly true, and here is another variation of the perfect combination of potatoes and beets. Here’s something we had on Saturday, and will have in the future since we still have a bunch of beets in the fridge. There’s some fresh arugula […]