Dried Apple Rings

The apple season has been fabulous in Finland this year. We’ve gotten a lot of apples from my mum’s garden, and we’ve used them in many different dishes: Fall Fruit Crisp from the Joy of Vegan Baking, Apple Cake, Chocolate Squares with Apples and Oranges, and Anni has also used them in apple sauce and pocket pies. Lastly, we air-dried them – it was super easy, and the dried apple rings were delicious, packed full of flavor. This is not a recipe per se, but just a tip on what do when you have an abundance of apples!

First, we washed our apples to remove dirt – some of the apples had been picked from the ground. Then we removed the cores with an apple core remover. Next, we cut the apples into thin slices, about 4-5mm each. Then, utilizing a needle and a thread, we pulled a thread through a bunch of apple rings, about 30 to 35 rings in one thread. Now, we had a couple of threads with apple slices, which we hung on our doorways, like pictured below:

The tricky part was the hanging of the thread without the apple rings tearing. It’s done best with one person holding the apple rings and another person tying the knots. Once the thread was in place, we carefully moved the rings apart from each other, like pictured above.

The apple rings were dry in about 5 days. Of course we could’ve dried them in our oven as well, but this way we saved some energy, and got to admire the pretty apple bracelets in our home for a few days! It’s easy to develop an addiction to dried apples. We’ve been snacking on them steadily, and our stocks are already running low. Next fall we’re going to make more of them for sure.