This is a North African salad made of bulgur (or burgul), crushed wheat grains. Bulgur doesn’t need to be cooked. Instead, it is reconstituted in the fridge overnight. It absorbs the liquid from vegetables, and prepared this way, remains firm in texture and is very flavorful. Other vegetables, like tomato or onions, could be added instead of, or in addition to, the ones I used this time. I am usually careful with raw onions in this recipe, since their taste can be overpowering, and only use a couple of teaspoons of very finely minced onion. Spring onion is always a good option.


What I used:

  • 1,5 whole wheat bulgur (medium coarse)
  • 5 cm piece of a slim leek, only the white part
  • 2 cloves garlic, crushed
  • juice from 1/2 lemon
  • 1/2 dl olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 1 teapoon salt
  • 1/2 cucumber
  • 1 red bell pepper
  • 3 teaspoons dried mint
  • 1/2 dl raisins, minced
  • 1 dl fresh parsley, chopped
  • freshly ground black pepper

I rinsed the bulgur thoroughly in a shifter, until the rinsing water remained clear. Then I chopped the leek finely, and cut the cucumber and red bell pepper in small cubes. Now, I just mixed everything up in a bowl, and stored in an airtight container in the fridge overnight. Next day, I adjusted the taste, added a little more lemon juice, and served the tabbouleh in a bowl lined with lettuce.

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